Walking to Hareshaw Linn in Bellingham

A beautiful day for a walk

Yesterday saw the clearest skies we’ve had in some time here in Northumberland – and what a day for a walk. The cottage of course, being on the very edge of town, is ideally suited as a base for various walks and this is probably one of the best. Hareshaw Linn.

The walk takes you to the excellent Hareshaw Linn waterfall in Northumberland National Park and begins in the village of Bellingham itself, or put another way, out of the back door of Hollyberry cottage, 100 yards down the road and you are on your way.

Following footpaths through ancient woodland and over six bridges to the 9 metre high waterfall, on the way you will pass a series of smaller waterfalls. Look out for red squirrels, great spotted woodpeckers, wood warblers, badgers and bats.

Linn is an Old-English name for a waterfall and the woodland walk follows the Hareshaw Dene up to the Linn and back. We set off at lunchtime for a casual walk and it took us until maybe 2pm, meeting people along the way,noting the remains of the old dam that supplied at one time, water to local industry.  Lots of history here.

We had a great time despite frost along the way, as our cat Simba decided to follow us for much of the uphill journey (though at some point, not unusually, he got side-tracked).

Simba following us from Hollyberry Cottage to Hareshaw Linn

The scenery is magnificent – as good as you’ll see anywhere, yet easily accessible from the cottage.


Along the way you’ll see some amazing stuff – like a fallen tree and stump jam-packed with embedded coins – LOTS of coins. There are signposts with explanatory notes at the base of the walk, a mere few minutes from the cottage.

Lots of embedded coins


Along the way to Hareshaw Linn

And at the end of a wonderful walk – time to stop for a biscuit and enjoy the waterfall.

The waterfall at Hareshaw Linn

After a brief stop to enjoy the scenery and relax, we headed off back down to the cottage, arriving there late afternoon, just in time for a nice cup of coffee.

Sunset in Bellingham, January 2017

Note that if you are planning to do this walk, boots are a good idea. Having chosen entirely the wrong gear for the walk, I spent much of it sliding all over the place.

If you are visiting and want to know more about this area, pop into the local Tourist Centre, but beware, most of the online maps out there have the directions completely wrong – except for Google which has excellent directions to the cottage and to the centre. The Bellingham Tourist Information Centre is less than 5 minutes walk from Hollyberry Cottage.