Winter in Bellingham

You might not expect much sunshine in December but actually we’ve had our share of fine weather up here (ok, not exactly continental) as you can see from these pics taken in December 2012 around Bellingham and surrounding area. You can click on the images to get larger versions with captions.


Teatime near the church between Wark and Bellingham


Sunset near Bellingham


Winter drive from Wark to Bellingham (5 miles)


Even mid-winter there's plenty of life

You are in a Forest

Went for a drive around the man-made Kielder Lake and surrounding forest area last night – it REALLY is VERY impressive this time of year. Indeed having travelled throughout much of Europe and the States, there are times when you’re reminded of the Black Forest in Germany and Minocqua up North in America (minus the bears).  The photos were shot in 3D, sadly the technology isn’t there yet to show this to you on the web – enjoy the photos – better yet – come to Hollyberry Cottage and it’s only a short drive to Kielder from there.


Kielder Castle

You are in a forest

The Lake - Visitor Centre

View from inside the Visitor Centre while enjoying a glass of beer

Kielder Water from the visitor centre